Barbarians Youth Rugby
Barbarians Youth Rugby


Our head coaches have completed level 200 certification from USA Rugby (this is a requirement for contact rugby). 

​Steve Signes

Steve grew up on a rugby pitch in Pennsylvania watching his father play and coach.  His father, Emil Signes, coached USA national mens and womens 7s teams as well as founding Atlantis Rugby, a program dedicated to growing the game of rugby 7's with youth and adults.  For his efforts, Emil Signes has been inducted into the USA Rugby Hall of Fame among other tributes.  Today, Steve continues the family tradition of growing the game as both a coach and a parent.  Four of his five kids having played the sport and the fifth will be able to join the K-2nd team shortly.  Steve has traveled to Asia, the South Pacific, Europe and the Caribbean on tours with various US teams.

When not leading our Rugby team, making the team swag, or brushing his impressive beard, Steve works as a pharmacist for CVS Health.

​Alan MacLeod

Alan comes from the home of rugby, England. He grew up with the game and played through to his mid twenties, when work finally took over everything and he became an ardent spectator. Alan joined us just before we became the Wrentham Acorns to give back to the greatest sport in the world and to start his son on his rugby journey.

When not wheezing around after the far too fast for him high schoolers, Alan is VP of Product at an enterprise video company.

​Ryan Trost

Ryan fell in love with Rugby at the late age of 30. He spent two astute seasons on the B and C side squads at Denver Barbarians, mostly learning by watching and "practicing" with USA National Sevens Team players. He's the former volunteer Director of Communications at Northeast Academy - USA Rugby's official Olympic development academy. He was also a news correspondent contributing to This is American Rugby Blog. 

Ryan is currently the MYRO Youth Committee Chair. He is also attempting to make up for his lost rugby-playing years in his teens and twenties by coaching the Barbarians,  chasing kicks and break aways during warm-up touch. 

​Daniel Mejia-Onat

Daniel and rugby have been sweethearts since high school, where a lifelong love affair bloomed. He played at Brookline High School, Brandeis University, Boston Men, and Providence RFC. He has been an administrator both for NERFU and clubs. He has been to countless coaching and refereeing clinics/workshops. He has coached Collegiate Men/Women as well as club side Men/Women. He literally has been training all his life to be on coaching staff for Barbarians, his most rewarding and challenging endeavor.

When not playing rugby (and not camping out in the woods with cub scouts), Daniel is a project analyst for CVS

​Peter Hutchinson

Pete is one of our two members from the southern-hemisphere, having grown up in the country that fields the All Blacks, arguably with the world's best Rugby team (he disputes the word "arguably"). Pete spent 7 years living in China where he organized and coached youth Rugby with other ex-pats from rugby-playing nations. Pete moved to the US and joined us in 2016. Pete helps coach our flag team.

When not playing Rugby, Pete is designing new vacuum cleaners and blenders as VP of New Product Design at SharkNinja. 


​Francesca is one of our founding players and has been with us since 2012.  She has played both flag and tackle, and at many times has been the only female player on the pitch. After a career of running circles around the boys, she has now hung up her cleats and transitioned to the coaching staff. She was a fearless leader while playing and is now a great role model for our Barbarian recruits.

When not instilling the values of the game to our K thru 2nd graders, Francesca is a high honor role student, loving sibling and all around perfect child. (That last part contributed by her father Stephen Signes).

​Rubin Dhillon

Rubin represents the Aussie contingent of the team. He joined us back in 2013 when the club was in its infancy. He is probably the staff member with the least amount of Rugby playing experience, having grown up in the state of Victoria, where Aussie Rules Football reigns supreme. He makes up for his lack of passing skills with a wicked torpedo kick!  Rubin helps us with marketing and coaching our flag team. 

When not playing Rugby, Rubin is the VP of Marketing for a company that manufactures rugged computer systems for our armed forces.