Barbarians Youth Rugby
Barbarians Youth Rugby


Registration is a two step process  - registering with the club is through the Wrentham Rec Department for all players at:

1) From the home page go to "Account" and then "Create Account" to make the household account
2) Submit the account and add family members
3) From the home page click on "Register"  and then "Programs"  and then Rugby

Registration with USA Rugby is optional for the Fall season and required for Spring and Summer for all players grade 3 through 12, and is via Rugby Xplorer

1) Create an account by clicking "log in" in the top right
2) Enter your email address - we recommend creating an account for yourself - and then adding your players as linked accounts

Use these instructions if you have more than one child playing:

To link a person, open Rugby Xplorer app/ Rugby Portal and log in:
  1. Click “Register”
  2. Click "Find a Club" (for example)
  3. Click “Link a new person”.
  4. Enter their First Name, Last Name, DOB and Mobile
  5. Click “Sign up”
  6. Select the profile or if they do not have an existing profile click *‘create new profile’.  Note,‘Create new profile’ will create a new Rugby ID for this person and will not recognise prior registrations or accreditations.
  7. Click “continue”
  8. A verification email will be sent to new account getting linked. They must “verify” the request to link to appear under your account."
  9. Once verified, to register the player with Wrentham, repeat steps 1 and 2, then
  10. Select the player
  11. Search for "Wrentham"
  12. Choose the club
  13. Choose "Role" - pick player, there should be one option for Registration type (based on age) and select "Season" for Duration.
  14. Complete the process and pay the fees.

Our goal is to ensure safety, instill the love of the game in our players, and have all players work together to succeed in the ultimate team sport.  Come check out the fastest growing sport in America!  Please reach out with any questions.